The anticipation is building…

So we are getting ready to launch our new site, and to say the last 5 days have been insane would be a total understatement! Honestly though…. SO EXCITING! We are revamping our site to be able to accommodate more cities, more causes, and more awesome t-shirts! We spent the afternoon yesterday w/ resident husband & wife photographers, Cam & Ashley Brioux, shooting some images for our upcoming site. The main realizations for the day were:

1. I (Bailey) can’t iron/steam shirts w/o getting water droplets everywhere (forcing the blow-dryer to get our tees to the level of awesomeness they deserve)

2. Ashley has owl vision, whereas the rest of us are mildly color blind

3. A blow up mattress can make a very good apparatus to hang t-shirts from

4. You can have a good time, even if the photo-shoot takes 3 hours and you’re running on 3 hours of sleep, when you’re with good people :) (awww)

So, start your timers… a New Years Eve caliber countdown would be appropriate… Cause the new site is launching this week! Yee Ha!



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