The Story of Ken-Mar

In 2007 Martie lost her sweet, but deaf Pomeranian, Moxie. To get her back, Martie tried posting “lost dog” signs, speaking with members of the community, and calling anyone she thought could be of help. It wasn’t until Martie spoke to the owner of a local, holistic pet store, that she caught a break in her search for Moxie. The owner recommended that Martie immediately visit a shelter in the area – and so she did.

Sadly, when Martie reached the shelter, she saw some major issues. Not only was the staff unfriendly, but there were dozens of collared dogs in the shelter crates – and no one was attempting to find their owners.

For hours Martie went from cage to cage looking for her precious dog, and eventually a volunteer reunited Martie and Moxie. Thank goodness Martie got there when she did, as Moxie had been labeled “defective” because of her deafness and was slated for euthanization.

Finding Moxie gave Martie a cause to be passionate about. She immediately signed up as a volunteer at a local shelter, and discovered that hundreds of dogs are killed each week. Saddened and disgusted by the reality she was witnessing, Martie convinced her partner Ken that they could create an organization to help find homes for dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. From this, Ken-Mar Rescue was born.

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