Oh, what a day! Whiskers in Wonderland – Part I

I just got back from Whiskers in Wonderland – Day 1. What a trip! Here were some of the highlights:

1. A meet and greet w/ Bocker the Labradoodle. Did you know that he’s been in major motion pictures? Like tons of them?! He is also the author of a book if you can believe it :)

2.  An animal fashion show exhibiting the fantabulous work of Ada Nieves. There was even a rat dressed up – very chic.

3. An introduction to the most adorable black kitten ever (see pic below). I wanted more than anything to adopt him on the spot, bring him back to our apartment, and watch as he and Charlie our black chow chow snuggled on the couch. AW I would have died of happiness.

On a SocialPakt-y kind of note – we learned that hoodies are SUPER popular. I brought a selection and sold out almost immediately. We are going to take orders tomorrow so get excited!

Until then – bonne nuit!


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